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Chinese Government Ocean Scholarship Selection Method
Publication time 2018-03-22 PV 2766

The first

    The “Chinese Government’s Ocean Scholarship” is an important measure for implementing the “South China Sea and its Peripheral Ocean Cooperation Framework Plan (2011-2015)” (the “Framework Plan”) approved by the State Council. It is jointly established by the State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Education. To help developing countries cultivate talents in the marine field and promote regional and global ocean cooperation.

Article 2

    According to the cooperation agreement signed by the State Oceanic Administration, the Ministry of Education, and the training institutions for the Chinese Government's marine scholarships, these Measures are formulated for the purpose of selecting outstanding students, standardizing selection methods, and ensuring the fairness and transparency of the selection process.

Article 3

    The Chinese Government Ocean Scholarship Selection Committee is responsible for the selection of scholarships. The selection committee is chaired by the International Department of the State Oceanic Administration and the deputy director unit of the International Department of the Ministry of Education. Its members include the National Student Scholarship Committee, universities, and research institutes and independent experts involved in the training. The independent experts are appointed for a term of two years.

Article 4

    The selection process of Chinese government marine scholarship students is as follows:

    1. Each year from January 1 to April 30 is the application time of Chinese government marine scholarships. Applicants apply online through the website of the CSC website at;

    Second, the training institutions first conduct qualification review on the applicants, and eligible candidates' materials are submitted to the CSC;

    3. The scholarship selection committee will hold a meeting in June each year. According to the annual enrollment plan, after the comprehensive selection, the scholarship for the current year will be selected for the student list and alternates;

    4. The Department of International Cooperation of the State Oceanic Administration reported to this year's list of scholarships for inclusion in the student list. After the approval of the State Oceanic Administration, the results of the evaluation were announced and reported to the State Council for International Students for the record.

    5. The training institutions will send the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form" to the scholarship students before July 31st.

The fifth

    Ocean Scholarship Selection Target:

    1. Non-Chinese citizens of the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Rim and island countries, and other developing countries;

    2. Those who apply for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree, and their age should not exceed 40 years of age. Those who apply for a doctoral degree must have a master's degree, and their age should not exceed 45 years.

Article 6

    Ocean Scholarship Selection Principles:

    1. Applicants with relevant marine professional backgrounds and research potential, who are working in or working in the marine field in the future are given priority;

    2. The applicants who participate in the implementation of the "Framework Plan" by various units or partners are given priority;

    3. Applicants from countries or cooperatives that sign a memorandum of understanding or bilateral memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of oceans are given priority.

Article 7

    Marine Scholarship Selection Rules:

    First, take the anonymous scoring method;

    2. Each member separately scores and ranks the candidates for each institution. Points are scored according to a 10-point scale, with a basic score of 6 points. Bonus points can be awarded if they meet the priority conditions. The score can be exactly one decimal place.

    Third, score and sort only for one round;

    Fourth, the selection committee shall be responsible for statistics, and each candidate shall be evaluated and sorted. In the scores scored by the selection committee members, the highest score and the lowest score are taken and the average score is taken as the final score of the candidate, accurate to two decimal places;

    5. After consultation, the number of scholarship students can be adjusted among the training institutions.

Article 8

    According to the cooperation agreement, the State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Education provide financial support for the Chinese government’s marine scholarships.

Article 9

    The recruitment and selection of Chinese government marine scholarships should be in accordance with relevant laws and policies for studying abroad in China.

Article 10

    The International Cooperation Department of the State Oceanic Administration and the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education are jointly responsible for the interpretation of these Measures.

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