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Hebei Medical University graduate student application process
Publication time 2018-03-22 PV 423

(1) Application Period: From April 1st to July 31st

(2) Tel: 86-311-86261251

(3) Application Materials. (scan the materials and send to college public email, see the contact information below)

         i.   Hebei Medical University application form and Statement

        ii.  Senior high school graduation certificate and official transcripts for the last three years (six semesters) of senior high school (original documents or notarized copies by authoritative organizations) .

       iii.  Two letters of professor recommendation

       iv.   Learning plan

       v. one copy of Passport

       vi.  The mark sheet of TOEFL , ITEL or test-free certification

      vii.  The physical examination certificate with other necessary medical report (hepatitis b, HIV, tuberculosis), which are given by hospital designated by the Chinese embassy. The student who is suffering in chronic disease or genetic diseases must declare actively.

    viii.  No Criminal Activity Certificate (within 6 months) given by the police station.

      ix.  Evidence of economic condition and on time payment commitments.

(4) Check document and application fees: After your application materials were checked and verified, you will get admission note. After the applicant finish paying the application fees, we will apply JW202 form for you.

1.     Enrollment and registration

The matriculate will get the letter of admission and the application form of JW202.You should go to Chinese embassy to apply X visa with these materials.

   Registration time : Please register according to the stipulated time of admission note. If you don't register within two weeks without valid reason, it will be regarded as automatic withdrawal, and your offer will be canceled.

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