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International Student Li Zhuoheng: Do not look at me as a foreigner!
Publication time 2018-03-21 PV 410

International Student Interview Series

Phase one

Malaysian brother

1. First sight

When he first contacted Li Zhuoheng, the name did not have the feeling of a foreigner at all. He thought that the Chinese students had their own Chinese name in order to go back to their hometown. Just as Chinese students nowadays have their own English names.

When expressing that he wanted to communicate with him face-to-face, Li Zhuoheng admitted that he was usually very busy and time was tight, so he could only take one hour at noon. The Malaysian younger brother is very full of his spare time, and he can finally sit down and communicate with one hour at noon.

In the past, Li Zhuoheng used her spare time to work part-time in the school cafeteria tea shop. For convenience, we chose to meet in the fourth canteen of the Normal University. When I was in the crowd and wanted to find a foreign face, Li Zhuoheng waved and said "hello."

I looked at him and said: "Are you a Malaysian student?" He smiled and said, "Yes, isn't it completely different from a foreigner? Originally I was Malaysian Chinese, but I was an international student."

Li Zhuoheng said let me wait for him. He has only just left part-time and has not yet had lunch. I accompanied him to eat a bowl of pickled pork noodles or added an egg. In the process of eating, he found that he was no different from the Chinese. He looks like he should enjoy the bowl of noodles.

2. Why did you come to Nanjing Normal University to study?

After classmate Lee finished eating, we started this exchange. At the beginning, Li students introduced themselves very formulaically. “I’m Li Juiheng from Malaysia. I’m currently studying Korean at Nanjing Normal University. I’m from China in 2014. I’ve been in China for more than three years. Now it’s half China, what’s the problem for new international students? I."

I smiled and Li seemed to think that I didn't believe him and said firmly, “This is true. There is something delicious and fun here on Xianlin. You can ask me.”

In fact, for most Malaysian students, they tend to study in Taiwan after graduation. Why does Li Zhuoheng choose China and choose Nan Normal University?

"Actually, more than half of the classmates in the high school class went to study in Taiwan. My two older brothers also went to Taiwan, so I didn't want to be like two brothers." Li told a simple reason.

"In addition to the teachers in high school, who once studied abroad at Nan'an Normal University, they recommended Nan'an Normal University." After learning about it, Li Zhuoheng found that all aspects were matched with him and he could get a jasmine scholarship. Eventually, he chose to come here.

3. China is not the same as the impression!

Although Li Zhuoheng’s parents were not very supportive when they first chose to come to China, their impression was that China was very insecure and lagging behind.

But now Li Juiheng said: “I came to China only to discover that China is completely different from what I imagined. It is safe and it is not behind.”

In Malaysia, we did not dare go out after dark, and our security was very poor. In China, it is irrelevant whether I go out at one or two in the morning. And China is very developed. China's Alipay, Taobao, high-speed rail, and small yellow vehicles are all not in Malaysia.

It is embarrassing that China is now accustomed to taking only a cell phone without a purse and returning to Malaysia. Sometimes, forgetting to bring cash and using Alipay can be awkward. ”

4. Rich and colorful life after school!

Before I learned that Zhuo Heng has many interests and hobbies, but what makes people wonder is that these hobbies are all trained after coming to Nanjing Normal University?

"I have a lot of hobbies. After coming to Nanjing Normal University to join an association, some of my favorite is playing volleyball. It was when I first came to Nanjing Normal University. I joined a volleyball club under the introduction of two Malaysian sisters. Then I entered the pit. Now I am the president of the NNU volleyball club, and I have the privilege of meeting with Zhang Changning and Hui Ruoqi.” Speaking of this Li students flashed a glimmer of pride on the face.

In addition to the volleyball club, Zhuo Heng also joined nearly 20 clubs, including magic, badminton clubs, and K songs. Although he was somewhat exaggerated, he admitted that he did learn a lot.

But Diabolo was learned by his high school association in Malaysia. Although this is China's traditional culture, but when he came to China, he found that few people seemed to know and nobody wanted to learn. He said that this was an activity for the elderly.

"But I don't think I shook like the elderly at all." Li Zhuoheng sighed and said: "You may lose it before you know how to cherish it!"

5. Do not look at me as a foreigner!

I also nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly thinking of Chinese language education in Malaysia, he asked: "Is Malaysia very important for Chinese education, and Chinese Chinese are just as good as you?"

Lee nodded and excitedly said, "In Malaysia, Chinese people have to learn Chinese from kindergarten and have always had Chinese classes. My ancestral home is in Guangdong, and communication in our home is also in Chinese. So it's for us. In terms of coming to China, there are no language barriers and basic communication is not a problem. Most Chinese people in China are at this level."

There are no obstacles in language. Is there something else that doesn't fit in other areas? Li thought for a moment and shook his head and said, "We lived and drank and drank about the same life here. Most of our life here is about the same as living in Malaysia. It's cold except in Nanjing. But look at your personal constitution. I'm not afraid of cold. So no problem." Li Zhuoheng grinned.

"And you don't look at me as a foreigner. You play, what honors the king, landlords... I will play." Li Zhuoyheng looked at me.

6. Want to keep China!

What is your favorite Chinese food?

"I like yellow rice and chicken rice most." Li students blurted out without hesitation, and it was possible to see Li's love of yellow chicken rice.

 Since China is so good, have you considered leaving China to graduate?

"Actually, when I mentioned graduation, I think I'm almost graduating. I'm really sorry. Now I can't leave South Normal University. Every place in South Normal University has my memories. And NNU is very concerned about us. For foreign students, everyone is very nice to us and I really feel very sad. Of course, if I can, I will definitely stay in China. "Mr. Li said a little fluently.

The real life of Li students playing in China is “wind and water” and the leisure life is also very colorful.

In fact, from the very beginning it was not very willing to come to China and now it is not willing to leave. Although it is cliche, but it just proves the charm of China.

As for Lee, coming to China is only a home; for us, he is not a foreigner.

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